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Sherlock at homes is the perfect way for your group of friends or family to have loads of fun. Our team understands the importance of communication, collaboration and interacting with others on a team basis.  Keeping this in mind we created the ultimate at home experience for whoever you think is fit for the challenge. If you have ever worked through an escape room and enjoyed it; imagine doing something similar from the comfort of your couch! Clue Murder Mystery’s new product, Sherlock at Homes, places you in the middle of an investigation where you must put yourself in the shoes of Sherlock, and try to solve for a murderer!

Keep in mind that the game is not made for an individual to solve themselves (although some may be able to do so), so relying on what skills other’s bring to the table is key for your success. Our game is perfect for team-building activities (online or in-person), birthday parties, or just a great time at home with the family.

Calling All Detectives

Last night at the Berkshire Mansion there was a murder! During the annual Halloween party Mr. Berkshire’s daughter was found lifeless. The killer thought they could fool us by leaving clues and riddles throughout the residence. Gather some friends or gather the family to solve the mystery before the murderer gets away! The murder mystery is best solved with 2-4 people but the more the merrier. Just remember, too many people can make things move along much slower. So consider breaking into multiple teams and racing to be first!

You will be given a checklist that outlines each of the 12 locations that your team of investigators must inspect. At each location you must solve for one or multiple clues. When you solve a clue it will reveal information pertaining to the suspects and weapons that may have been used. The object of the murder mystery is to find the killer and the weapon used. You must use teamwork, collaboration, and communication to decipher what our clues. Teams who perform the best acknowledge that each person brings a new skillset to the table to benefit the team. You may need to use the internet for basic research to aid you on your adventure, but most of the mystery can be solved by your group of detectives.

Not everyone thinks exactly how the creators of this mystery do. This being said, we offer hints to guide you along the way (only if you choose to use them). Many of you will get stuck and will need a hint or two, maybe even three. Don’t let the clues discourage you. If you get stuck, just have one team member check out the hints for that clue/ location and see if they can put the rest of the team in the right direction.

If you need some more information on our murder mystery just check out the How It Works Page.

We recommend that everyone try the game without hints to see if they are professional detective. The clues are tricky however, so checking in on hints just determines the level of difficulty at which you choose to do the mystery. If you would like a challenging experience, stay away from the hints! If you are just  looking for some fun with a beginner’s level of problem solving, use all the hints you need.

When you think you have found whodunnit, check the verdict. This is where you’ll find the story’s finale. The events that occurred the night of the murder will be explained throughout this section in detail. If you solved it right, congratulations, otherwise this is an opportunity to go back and see where you may have messed up!

Who this Murder Mystery is perfect for?

Clue Murder Mystery Old San Juan, a cruise excursion based out of Puerto Rico, is now introducing an at home murder mystery. My name is Dalton Godfrey, and I am a Penn State business student breaking my way into the entrepreneurial field. In 2018 I began developing a clue based murder mystery that tours you around Old San Juan Puerto Rico. The tour is still young but currently has all 5 star reviews! Our grand opening was just before COVID struck the United States which has put us out of business for over 6 months.

Our new product Sherlock At Homes was developed to give you the chance to see what our murder mystery is all about, while in the comfort of your home.

Have you every competed in an escape room? If so, we use similar strategies when developing our clues. The mystery incorporates multi-level clues that encourage teamwork, collaboration, and communication. This makes it perfect for team-building activities, birthday parties, or just a FUN time at home with the family.

If you have ever tried out our murder mystery in Old San Juan you’ll come to find that this one is a little more challenging. Do not let this scare you away! We have provided a page dedicated to hints & answers for each of the clues created. Using this link can help you create a mystery as easy or challenging as you would like it. If you are up for the challenge give it a shot without any of our hints or answers! If you need to refer to this page at any point in time during the mystery click the How It Works page.

The average person that signs up to do our mysteries has not experienced something like ours before. Our goal is to provide challenging but fun clues that push you to interact with those around you. Whether you work together, or divide and conquer, you must rely on what others bring to the table in order to solve the mystery. Everyone has a different mindset, skillset, and direction when approaching problems. It was important that we acknowledge this while developing our online murder mystery so it creates a fun experience for everyone within your group rather than one individual.

Everything sounds great but there will be a group of people who do not enjoy this sort of experience. The clues are tricky and are purposely developed to get you thinking and using a different sort of logic than you may on a regular basis. Try to imagine this as something other than work, and just enjoy what each member can bring to the investigation.

Our murder mysteries are built to entertain adults, but the clues are certainly appropriate for children. This being said, the average teenager should be able to solve our online mystery. Remember there are plenty of hints & answers that are provided to assist you along your way, so you can make the clues easier if needed. The hints are layered, so the answer will not be given directly. We recommend that those conducting the mystery are ages 12+ simply for the difficulty of the clues (that can be made easier with hints).

As far as appropriateness by age based on the content, this is a murder mystery, so there will be a killer and subject matter dealing with an investigation around the murder. There is no nudity or gory scenes. At most, you may see a blood splatter but every image being used can be considered PG. There is NO adult graphic content. Some (1 or 2) of the clues incorporate alcohol, as you must investigate a bar, but nothing glorifies it. If you have ANY questions about this or would like a shortened version that skips the clues that have alcohol involved, feel free to ASK!!

If you or someone you know has felt cooped up or has been spending more time at home than usual, give our murder mystery a shot! This is the perfect gift for an individual to use with their friends or family.

Anyone looking to purchase our Sherlock At Homes mystery as a gift can email us at:

From here we will send you a link that allows you to pay for a gift certificate from Once purchased, we will email you a certificate that can be emailed or printed. This certificate can be used for our online mystery.

Signing up for our murder mystery allows you 30 days of access to the investigation. When you sign up and create an account, you must log in and use this account within the 30 day time frame. Purchasing the gift certificate allows the recipient to start their murder mystery whenever they are ready to do so (giving them 30 days from the day they choose to start).

Clue Murder Mystery offer hours of FUN when you purchase our online murder mystery. You could spend the money on a video game that sends your kid up to their room for the rest of the night, or you could invest your hard earned money into an experience that brings the family together.

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